Does a bilingual school help your children (ages 0 – 4) to be bilingual?

Language study for children is based on immersion. Kids sing songs and play games will help develop language comprehension skills. which is a natural way of learning language.

When children start learning languages at birth, they have the capacity to learn many languages at once without getting confused — because, as the brain develops, so too does the ability to separate one language from another.

Not only is learning a foreign language easier for children than it is for adults, but children who are exposed to other languages also do better in school, score higher on standardized tests, are better problem solvers and are more.

Language lessons would help children to appreciate their heritage as well, it is very important.

Some languages take more time to learn than others. My daughters will start learning French pretty soon. They are learning English and Spanish. I have been told that they can start learning French since they are very little, like any other language, through songs, games, etc.  But they will start learning the grammar at age 8 or 9 around 6th grade, grammar is not easy as speaking in some languages, like Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

Recent studies indicate that the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first three to four years of life, since language learning is a natural process when children are young.

when people immerse themselves in a language like children, through play and exploration, they can learn a language quickly and easily. So the more we become child-like in language learning, the easier it becomes. Children growing up in a well-rounded environment learn to speak at least 2,000 basic words by the time they are four years old. Simply observing how babies learn to talk proves that they are natural learners. During the first six months of life, babies babble using 70 sounds that make up all the languages in the world. They will then learn to talk using only the sounds and words they pick up from their environment, most importantly from their parents and caregivers. A baby’s brain will then discard the ability to speak in languages he or she does not hear (Kotulak, 1996).

Unfortunately, most American schools teach foreign languages when students are in high school. Foreign language teaching should begin when children are in preschool—when teachers can maximize a child’s willingness and ability to learn. By the time a student reaches high school, the optimum learning period is lost.

So RUSH! give your children the gift of languages!